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Sunday, September 27, 2015



Now that you've been to both: did you enjoy Disneyland or Disney World more?


Amy... that is such a hard question! I honestly don't know that I can say I preferred one over the other. They are quite different and have different pros and cons. I think you get a different experience at the two. If money were no object and travel time was the same, I can't honestly say which I would choose to visit again next. Here are some ways I think they differ and which is better:

Character meals - many more and better options at WDW if you want a lot of character meals.

Disney brand lodging - more options and varied theming at WDW

non-Disney lodging - so many great options all within walking distance at DLR. You can get great hotel deals right across the street from DLR. That isn't an option at all at WDW. You can also get reasonably priced condos within walking distance.

rides - there are more rides at DLR in 2 parks than there are in the 4 parks at WDW combined.

crowds - WDW has better "low seasons" (Sept, Feb, early Dec., etc.) with low crowds. So many of the DLR visitors are local annual passholders that there isn't really a low season. It has higher crowd levels in off peak times than WDW does.

maneuverability - weird category, but it is just so much easier to navigate DLR. The two parks and downtown Disney are all a stone's throw from each other. When you go through the security line, you are going through security for both parks. You don't have to deal with buses, monorails, boats, cabs, or any other complicated transportation to get between places.

planning - WDW is easier to plan if you are a planning type of person. They announce park hours, entertainment schedules, special events, etc. months ahead of time. That helps a lot when trying to book plane flights, dining, etc. With DLR, you are lucky if you learn any of that one month out. That can make planning harder. That said, if you procrastinate and leave planning to the last minute, then DLR is the better choice because things aren't all booked up already!

Clear as mud?

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