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Monday, August 31, 2015


Barbara Eldridge

Dear Ann:
I'm both relieved & pleased that Elise has a jump rope team again. It's a joy to see all the girls do their incredible routines.


Hurrah! So excited that the girls both have new teams!

So where and when is your CA trip? Will you be in my area at all?


Thanks, Barbie!

Robin - South of you... we are going to spend 3 days in San Diego, 1 day in LA, and 3 days at Disneyland! :) Heading out next week.


:( Too bad, would have been nice to see you all again. I think the last time we saw you all Addie was still a baby.

I might get out to RDU in the next few months with work. I'll let you know!

Have fun on your trip. San Diego is great and I love Disney!!

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