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Monday, August 24, 2015



It's all about the iced vanilla whole milk lattés for me.

dave handelsman

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading these entries. It's comforting to see others dealing with similar challenges (youth sports, multiple kids in multiple places, getting dinner on the table, etc.). At our house, we're going through the "which home appliance will have a problem this week that I may or may not be able to fix". This weekend, I'll be watching youtube videos to learn how to fix an oven. We have, at least, taken stamps off our list -- can't remember the last time I bought those except for camp letters (which never got written).


I am crossing my fingers that both E and N will make the teams!


Dave... thanks! I'm glad my little minutia of life strikes a chord with someone else! :)

Robin - thanks!! They did! Whew! Elise did not choose to join the team she tried out for that day, but a new team is forming. She liked the idea of being one of the founding members of a new team and creating their own traditions rather than folding into a very large established team. I think it will be good!

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