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Friday, June 19, 2015


Cindy H

Wow. I haven't seen the finished look. It's gorgeous. Now I know what can be done in my house. It does look like a spa! I absolutely love the colors! The dark wood is gorgeous.


It looks great! Wow!

dave handelsman

It looks great and I love the "if you give a mouse a cookie" them. But if I remember my Laura Numeroff books correctly, don't those stories end back at the beginning. Is your ceiling leaking?


Dave... OMG... I should have included that part of the story in my post! So... apparently the tub was very tricky to install. It is from France or something, and the plumbing attachment is different. The tub had been installed (with much cursing), and they had put water in it to make sure everything was working OK. In the meantime, the painter was downstairs in the kitchen painting the newly repaired ceiling from the shower leak. The painter yelled out... "Uh guys... you've got a leak down here!" So, yes, in a way, we came full circle. :) They ended up having to cut a big chunk out of the kitchen ceiling to finish up the tub installation from below since the tile had already been installed under the tub. All is well now though. No more leaks (knock on wood).


I keep looking at all the photos over and over. Tell me the paint color. I'm still on the hunt for " the right beige". I love it all. I did notice the fancy faucet install for the tub. Don't have to worry about bonking your head on the faucet. The toilet. Oh my. The toilet. I am obsessed now. I despise cleaning all the crevices on our 3 toilets. Blech. You even have a leg shaving shelf. You can put your foot on the edge of the lower shelf to shave. What did you change in the kids bathroom? I am thrilled for you. It will make such a difference. Woo Hoo.


Michele, the paint is Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige. I'll tell you what is even better though... Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. I love it! That's what we used in the office, hallway, and stairwells. It didn't quite have the right tone in the bathroom, so we used bungalow beige in there. Both are great, but I accessible beige is really great for an all-around neutral for anywhere.
Toilet is awesome. JC researched them like crazy. I'll look at the box and let you know the make/model. As for the kids' bathroom, so far it is just new paint, towels, hooks, shower curtain, and toilet. I want to get the grout cleaned and resealed and also replace the cabinet and drawer fronts. It already looks a lot nicer though... looks more "girl" and less "toddler". :)


Beautiful! Funny how the scope grows and grows! Love it!

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