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Tuesday, May 05, 2015



That's so sad about that family... 39 is not old. Prying for them.

That is a lot of hail!

Have a great week!


39 is only 4 years older than me!


Jodi, Jen, I know... he was so young. From a 7 year old's perspective though, I suppose 39 is "very old". If that is how the little girl can make sense of it all right now, that works for me. (Even though that must mean I am very very old!)


Oh my goodness, I really feel for that family. I was 12 when my dad passed away in a car accident at the age of 37. None of my friends could relate to how I felt, and it was hard enough losing him, but having my friends being so awkward was also difficult. I will pray for Addie's family, it is so very hard. That was some hail storm you had, wow! And I am also glad you have grout, woot!!

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