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Wednesday, May 20, 2015



I think the best way for parents to get through this is to drink. Heavily.


Armin - agreed. Maybe tonight will be popcorn, pizza, choco-taco, and margarita night!


Totes in favor of a family game night and pizza instead of this foolishness.

dave handelsman

You should have sent your note to JC to the teacher instead


Dave, I did actually send a slightly more civilized version of that note to the teacher. She wrote back and said, "I completely understand what you are saying. A night of relaxation sounds like a good plan. Thank you for the reality check." Then she sent out a note to the whole class telling parents to use their best judgment about doing the science work or just relaxing. I think that is just the culture of the school... cram, cram, cram every second leading up to EOG's. Even for Saturday school, we were told the entire day was going to be spent doing test prep. Meanwhile, my middle schooler is doing a creative writing piece in her math class!! LOVE that!


I have a kid that aces these, and another who does not. They both do well in school. Total BS...

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