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Friday, May 08, 2015


dave handelsman

I don't think our school has this level of test prep. The boy is in 5th grade, and he doesn't have any at home prep like you describe -- or if he does, he's completely (100%) blowing it off. There's certainly nothing online because he's not camped in front of the laptop.

What drives us crazy is the complete suspension of teaching that happens. His last day of math "teaching" was yesterday. A solid month before the last day of school. The next couple of weeks is review for EOGs, and the time after EOGs is filler. In a school system that requires 180 days of education, 10% (more or less) of the teaching days are being discarded in terms of actual education.

Unless something changes, we'll have both kids in private school starting next year through high school graduation. EOGs (or the emphasis on test prep and testing) are one reason, but, candidly, we've been losing faith in the NC public school system each and every year. NC is close to last in the country in per pupil spending and teacher salaries, and then there's the inability to accommodate growth in Wake County. Put simply, there aren't enough schools, and there isn't the budget to build new schools fast enough. Recent legislative changes indicate there will be less public money for Wake County (because it's one of the wealthier counties in the state), but the county and towns are hamstrung by other legislation that restricts the ability to raise revenue through additional taxes.

Sorry for the wandering rant.


I have a 6th grader, 4th grader, and toddler, and yes, my 4th grader has a lot of test prep. They don't have homework to study for the test, and they actually have tests to PREPARE for the lovely EOGs.

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