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Monday, June 30, 2014


Jen K-M

The worst part for me about not being in school anymore was not having a reason to go drool over school supplies at Staples. #officesupplyjunkie



My favorite the last few years has been the special notebook need for science (or social studies, or whatever) that comes home at the end of the year with only the first page used. It typically says something like "My notebook". Did they not actually learn anything in that subject? Or not write it down?

I expect you'll find the scissors in the same black hole as the orphan socks.


Dave - YES!!! Those "marble composition notebooks" kill me! Every year, I'm tempted to just send a plastic folder (prongs, no pockets) with three pieces of notebook paper in it instead of a composition notebook. I think it would work just as well and would be a heck of a lot cheaper!!

As for the black hole... add water bottles and googles to that to. Sigh.

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