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Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Two things:
1. Thank you for the warning. Jack has a mouth of randomly placed teeth, so we know this is coming.

2. The first picture appears to be at Duke University. Was it taken on a Saturday? Were all students wearing Duke t-shirts? :)


Armin, you always know how to make me laugh!! :)
1. Sounds like Nina. Good luck with that.
2. Yes, and yes. Of course.


She looks GORGEOUS Ann!!!! Thanks for the advice -- we know it is coming eventually. Right now they are telling us to wait so we will put a little away times two!!


Thanks Steph! It really is a fabulous transition, huh? Yeah... good luck with braces times two. That's no fun. We had a good year or so of that with both Elise and Nina in them at the same time. Budget took a big hit that year!! :(

Lisa Hahn

That is an awesome photo of Elise. She looks very grown-up.

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