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Wednesday, February 19, 2014



I recently visited a friend in AZ. The price of cookies there was $4, and they had at least one selection that I have not seen locally. Is this also due to different bakers? Just curious...


Mer - Oooh... Arizona. That sounds lovely! The price per box is determined by each individual council. I'm guessing they factor in what sort of profits they need to run the camps, what the baker is charging, how well they think they will sell, etc. Our council is one of the lowest in the country. I believe they are $4 most places. Every year, we think it will be the last year for the $3.50 box, but we've been lucky so far. The different varieties are due to the bakers too. The 5 core cookies are the same everywhere (Thin Mints, shortbread, the two peanut butter ones, and the caramel ones). The other three depend on your baker. Here, we have Lemonades, Thanks-a-Lots, and Cranberry Citrus Crisp. Other places have Savannah Smiles, Dulce-de-leche (which must be very popular because a lot of people ask for it), and another lemon one that people also ask for frequently. When we try to sell them Lemonades, they get all sad that it isn't the lemon cookie they were expecting.


Yeah, we had Savanah Smiles, and they were better than Lemonades in my opinion. But that didn't stop me from buying Lemonades this year!


Here in California the prices are $5/box.


I wish they had the GF cookies here in Colorado!!! we have a gazillion people who would buy them here! So many are gluten free!!!! Why do they not count towards the girls totals? how sucky is that! They are still cookies and they should count in cookie totals!


Ariella - I don't fully understand why they don't count toward the girls' totals. I think it is because they are from a different baker? I think somehow the recognition prizes are tied to the cookies sold that are made by the official baker. Since these are from a separate Gluten-Free baker, they don't count. We do get a higher profit from them though, so that helps.

Robin - $5??? OUCH! Sure makes the math easy, but man that is expensive!!

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