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Monday, August 19, 2013


Barbara Eldridge

Lisa became a kindergarten drop-out after six months.
She absolutely hated it - especially the bus ride. First grade was another story. She loved it from day one & had read half of the Nancy Drew mysteries by the time she reached second grade.
She made National Honor Society ar Langley HS, graduated from Mt. Holyoke with honors after doing her junior year at the University of Munich with all her classes in German.
Is kindergarten compulsory?


Barbie, sadly, kindergarten is not what it used to be. The content and curriculum are really more like what first grade was like when Lisa was in school. If Addison didn't do kindergarten, it would be like trying to start school in second grade. It is really unfortunate. She'll adjust eventually, I'm sure. I guess the one disadvantage of having a really spectacular preschool experience is that anything after that can't live up to what she had grown accustomed to.

Joan E J

Ann, I feel so sad for Addie, sitting all day and not liking any part of it has to be really awful of her. Mom


Oh ugh Ann! I really hope things click for Addie very soon and she starts to enjoy kindergarten. It is tiring when your child is angry and upset. Big hugs for you both!


Poor little Madison! I'll keep my fingers crossed that as she makes some good little buddies in class she finds more to look forward to. Any likely prospects on that front? Good luck to all of you.

Barbara Eldridge

Her name is actually Addison (Addie, for short) not "Madison" so she may be tuning out instructions addressed to the mythic "Madison" - Maybe she needs to wear a big name tag with her real name on it!

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