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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Beth Anne

I went to the Gaylord a few years ago to visit the ICE exhibit a few Christmas' ago and remember thinking that about all the decorations. It was fun to take pictures of though!

HAHA I went to Texas Tech. I have a friend her sons first name is Kyle and his middle name is Field...I always kinda felt bad for the kid but maybe that is just an Aggie tradition I never knew existed until now.


Ann - I'm pretty sure I was at your birthday party at Traildust an unnamed number of years ago! Do people still wear ugly ties to get cut off and put on the wall? So glad you had fun (and you look gorgeous in that blue dress -- you should always wear that color!)


Beth Anne - that's hilarious about a Kyle with the middle name Field! Wow! I didn't know people went quite that far. But yes, many Kyles in Texas have Aggie parents. And I'd love to see the ICE exhibit! That looks so neat. Maybe a Christmas time trip is in order! :)

Catharine - you were absolutely there! I should have dug up a picture of that and included it in the post. Perhaps I'll go back and add it! And yes, the tie tradition is still alive and well. Unfortunately, JC had recently donated all his out-dated ties to Goodwill, so we didn't have any. I should have gone to Goodwill and bought a couple for the occasion! And thank you for the compliment! I am SOOO not a dress person, but I did like that one.

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