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Thursday, June 13, 2013



That is crazy! Where are you guys? Where is this mine field?! OMG I would have packed up and headed home. Glad everyone is ok.


Steph, we're at Emerald Isle. The mine field must be somewhere in the sound, it is near some little island. There were signs posted all over saying not to step on the bottom or drop anything there. Crazy, huh? And now we're awaiting a big storm w 70 mph winds, hail, and the chance of tornados. Given how our day has been so far, I'm a little nervous about this storm!!!!

Holly S.

It will definitely be the worst day! No doubt!


Wow! I think I need more details about the mine field though, since we are headed that way in a few weeks....

Here's hoping its all good from here!


Ann -- that is crazy! I tried "googling" stuff last night after reading your post and couldn't find anything. We had tons of limbs down from the storm and hope you all survived it unscathed. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and hope the girls have a great track out! I am SO ready -- two more weeks!


Wow. Just... wow.


Mer... You guys have been down here enough... I'm sure it is nothing to worry about. I have no idea where it is. They rented the paddle boards about mid-island and were floating toward Morehead.

Steph, the storm was crazy fun to watch - great lightning show, but I don't think there was any damage here at all.


Yikes, now that was some day! Hopefully it only got better!!

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