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Saturday, May 04, 2013



Oh Ann, wow! I am so very glad he is going to be ok.

Barbara Eldridge

Ann: Hope he has strong pain medication. It hurts me to look at all those scrapes & bruises! Barbie


Oh no, Ann. I am so glad he was wearing a helmet. I hope everything heals up ok and that there is a quick recovery. I don't blame you for being shaken up. That was a DOOZY to say the least. Love to both of you.


Wow. May the pain meds be effective, the recovery be quick, and the scars be minimal.


Oh, how scary for all of you! We hope JC recovers soon. It reminds me of when my dad had his ladder accident - it does take a while to heal. Hard to believe JC managed not to break anything or lose any teeth. Glad he will be okay!!!


Thinking of you all. How extremely scary. I cannot imagine. SO glad he is basically okay, though the injuries do look ghastly.

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