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Monday, May 13, 2013



Um, wow! When the kids did STAR testing here (which I assume is comparable to your EOG testing) they didn't have homework and we got an email that said the kids should be well rested and have breakfast (at home not provided at school).

I have never heard of a seat cushion for school! Hope it helps and the girls get into Ivy Leagues when the time comes!! I also hope you all make it through the EOG testing relatively unscathed!


I would TOTALLY, 100% send that packet with a sticky on it that saidi "NO THANKS". Absolutely.


At our school, kids in K-2 have to make "good luck" posters for the older classes, just so they can really build up the EOG stress years in advance. It offends me greatly.


Form alliances quickly. Take out the kid 2 seats in front of you...he appears to be the biggest threat.


Robin - I've probably gotten at least 10 of those emails about being well rested and to eat breakfast... along with about four with the menu for the free EOG breakfasts.

Jodi - definitely.

Catharine - ACK! That's awful!

Armin - :)


Yeah... attaching the sticky note telling them what they can do with that math packet. (Saying this as the sweet pastor's wife I am.)


Oh Ann you are so right! One of my children could care less about the testing anymore, but my youngest is an anxiety riddled mess. She is terrified she will fail. Thanks guys, thanks a lot. Shot diet coke out my nose when I read the Hunger Games quote.


LOVE the punch line quote from hunger games!! Wow, craziness. Glad it is over soon!


Jen - love a little snark from a sweet pastor's wife! :)

Michele - sorry about the Diet Coke! ;)

Audrey - YES! Nina finished yesterday. Elise will be done today. Might as well just end the school year now. I'm sure there is nothing left to teach them now that the test is behind them.

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