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Sunday, April 21, 2013



Did you also hear about the geographically-challenged people who are mistaking the Czech Republic for Chechnya?

Barbara Eldridge

Dear Ann, I'm not sure if West was on one of our side jaunts that lovely spring years ago when Ellen, Richard, & I drove with you & Jo to San Antonio. Richard still mentions "bluebonnet plague" after hearing me rave non-stop about their beauty. We did go to New Braunfels, spent a night in Austin, & all share wonderful memories of the Riverwalk, the Fiesta, & the Spanish Governor's palace in San Antonio. I have a good friend here in Red Wing who is a first responder & I'll see him at a meeting Thursday morning & intend to say "Thank you!" & pray that we won't have the nuclear disaster that he keeps a team prepared for.
Love, Barbie


Jen - yes, I did hear about that and just rolled my eyes!! :)

Barbie - I have ZERO memory of that trip!! How old was I?

Barbara Eldridge

Ann - You were probably about six years old. Jo would remember. I had told Ellen & Richard that we could all go swimming but it was quite cold & very rainy a lot of the time. We went to the Alamo, a circus museum, a jazz place along the Riverwalk & stayed at the Menger Hotel. It was over 30 years ago!

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