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Monday, February 25, 2013



? Items?
Fig Newtons
Frozen waffles
Frozen French sticks
Tub butter
Cream cheese


I can't see to figure out the first one...the rest made sense after a minute :)


Mary, you got the last 5 right... still waiting on somebody to figure out the first one! :)


that first one is hard!
side items?


Excellent work, Robin! Yes, side items - chips, fruit, crackers, granola bars, etc. to go in school lunches. :)

Fortunately, Nina does not have aspirations to win the school spelling bee. :)


She inherited her spelling genes from her dad. :)


i thought it might be "side items" but that phrase meant nothing to me. otherwise, i figured out the other ones.


For a while I was wondering if it was an item or brand name local to you guys :)

Holly S.

Can I tell you how much it warms my heart to see her spelling? : ) Seriously, I know she is a smart girl so it makes me feel a lot better about MY third grader, who is also not a natural speller!


Holly - I'm so glad Nina is not alone in her spelling skills!! :)

Barbara Eldridge

Ann: Currently, there is a children's art exhibit at the Red Wing Arts Association. One of the paintings of a silver colored personage came with the young artist's explanation: "This is my robot. She is a fashin mutul who can do enething."
Years ago my daughter Lisa wrote a friend that her grasndmother was in "your up"!
I do love creative spelling!

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