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Friday, February 08, 2013



Excellent question! In St Louis they just started "2 hour delay" days for the professional enrichment deal. I am FINE with that because I know what is way worse. In Indiana there was a big debate about counting school days, and they said no delays or early release. So, EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY the children were released 20 MINUTES EARLY. On a Wednesday. In the middle of the week. You have no idea how that stupid 20 minutes messed up my plans. Just know it could be worse. Did I mention it was every week?


Michele, we had the every Wednesday thing a couple years ago. Thankfully, it only lasted a year. I think we got out about an hour early. Twenty minutes is ridiculous!!


What an awesome afternoon!


Oh and I think with the big knot where they tied the ropes doomed them to never having a smooth ride. Very ingenious though! I know quite a few moms who wouldn't have let them keep trying! Kudos to you.

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