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Thursday, January 10, 2013



I'm available as a crochet buddy for whoever is learning to do it. I've been doing it since age 10 with a 9 year hiatus during middle school, high school, and part of college.


We surprised our kids with a trip too. I like your balloon box idea! We sent the boys on a scavenger hunt to solve puzzles and find clues to the trip. Response was slightly underwhelming at our house too, but we had a good time. Have fun at Disney!


Jen - she would love a crochet buddy! She can do simple stuff but hasn't quite figured out how to do the squares yet. She is hoping my mom can help her. My mom is more of a knitter than crocheter, but she is left-handed, so a left-handed perspective always helps! I'm hopeless, so no help from me!

Mer - LOVE the scavenger hunt! That would have been fun! Maybe the build up of anticipation would have helped? Where are you headed?

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