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Monday, January 21, 2013



WTH is that thing poor Elise has to have in her mouth???? Is this what they use when elastics don't cut it? No wonder you are making her a liquid meal. The poor kid- I feel so terribly for her.


Robin, isn't it awful? It is called Herbst appliance. It pushes the bottom jaw forward, and she'll wear it through a growth spurt. During a growth spurt, her jaw should grow to line up her teeth with where the appliance has situated her jaw... or something like that. And we aren't "making her" have a liquid meal. She literally can't eat much else right now. Her back teeth don't meet any more, so she can't chew at all. We have to wait for them to move so that they actually touch again.


Poor Elise! When I was in college, I had an appliance to make the top part of my jaw larger that I had to turn with a key daily. My recommendations: soup put through the blender (left over from when I had my wisdom teeth out), smoothies (you can sneak spinach into them), and lots of frozen yogurt (the cold numbs any pain).

Four years ago, I managed to end up with an avulsion fracture in my ankle and a sprained foot from *gasp* stepping down. (I honestly don't remember doing anything else.) I decided to lie down and wait out the pain... and when it didn't go away, I had to drive myself 25 miles into town to the ER. (Thank God... it was my left foot so I could actually drive.) The provider on duty was a nurse practitioner so they couldn't read my x-ray until the next day and I had to have my ankle casted until we could figure out what to do. They had to wheelchair me to the car and find crutches to fit... which was fruitless because I'm just enough under 5'1 that there was no setting that would fit correctly. I ended up having to wear a lace-up brace because I hated the cast but we couldn't do an air cast until my foot unswelled. I missed (I think) two days of work and when I went back to work and the doors of the freight elevator opened, my co-workers' first question was "What did you kick?" (I used to do taebo in my spare time and had hyperextended my knee earlier that year My boss, after she had stopped laughing at me, taught me how to use my crutches on stairs so I wouldn't be stuck on the first floor indefinitely.

(Show her this entry and let her know that there are people who feel her pain.)


Thanks, Jen! Yes, we have experience with the key turning appliance too! Nina had to have that one! Your ankle injury sounds awful!

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