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Thursday, December 06, 2012



HOLY FREKING CRAP. How can I help = food? What do you need besides tequila or a lot of starbucks?


Tequila IN the Starbuck's sounds perfect. I'll take 4. :)


I have a few online friends in North Carolina. Do you need me to send them over to babysit or help with your dad?


Please pass on our thoughts to your mom -- and you have them also, of course. I'm single parenting also this week, but if I can help next week, please let me know.


Oh Jen, you are so sweet! I think we'll get through this. I just need to line up some home health care and aides for my parents. Thank you though!

Catharine - I'll tell my mom you're thinking about her. Maybe you and I can just escape and get lunch one day once I've got my parents' situation settled!


I had one of those weeks in Oct while Chris was in Budapest - 2 parents, 2 hospitals, and no one to care for the kids. Ugh, I feel for you! Can I bring a meal over? I can definitely provide chocolate, wine and booze. Not sure what else I can do but please ask if you have something in mind... please.


Thanks, Mer! I figured you would be able to relate! At least my husband is in town, I would be a complete wreck otherwise!

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