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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Too cute - OMG. Who knew that eye surgery was one of the issues. And i was planning to do it maybe perhaps possibly sometime soon. Darn.


Audrey, I'll have to check with Nina on Obama's stance on eye surgery, but since Romney didn't win, I'm guessing you may be OK to go ahead with surgery! :)


I'm a little worried about who's telling them this stuff at school.
Hope all is well!


Mark, what's crazy is that we are typically a red state. I was so surprised that all of the "political propagana" they picked up at school was so anti-Romney! I'm guessing the "women's right to vote" was probably some kid who heard about "women's rights" (likely about abortion and/or birth control) and assumed it was "right to vote". The eye surgery one cracks me up though. The only thing I could come up with was that it had to do with the criticism of "Obamacare" that the government would be making decisions about what medical treatments people could have. In that case though, it should have been Obama that was prohibiting eye surgery, not Romney! :)


The rampant rumor around my kids' school was - Don't vote for Romney because he will be taking Cartoon Network off the air!

The horror! Absolutely no idea where that one came from.


Carey... that's a pretty easy one to figure out. During one of the debates, Romney said that he was going to stop funding to PBS, and he mentioned Big Bird. After that, there were a million jokes/tweets/posts about how Romney hates Big Bird, Romney is against Sesame Street, etc. I can totally see where that could turn into a kid thinking he was talking about Cartoon Network!

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