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Sunday, October 07, 2012



Let's compare notes.


I hate to be "that" parent but is it possible that she's acting out to get attention from you and JC? Is she getting one-on-one time with you? This would be the only explanation I'd have.

Otherwise, I've seen Supernanny use "The Naughty Spot" or "The Naughty Chair" effectively. It always shows the kids getting up and down for 2 hours the first day but if you're consistent, it can work.


Jen - that is absolutely the case some of the time. When I'm making dinner and trying to simultaneously help two kids with homework, she desperately wants attention. Other times though, she's got attention, she's fed, and she's rested, and she is STILL a bear! This weekend, Elise and JC were both out of town, so I was only splitting time between her and Nina. She had plenty of attention from me. She is just testing us like crazy, and we're dying a slow death by four year old in the process. :(


I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with Addison, but bless you for venting about it on your blog. It is nice to hear about other parents going through the same struggles and that everything isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Now, I think you need to go out for a drink. I'll load up on chocolate. ;-)


Thanks Marie! Not much sunshine and lollipops with that little tyrant lately! She is sweet as can be when she wants to be...apparently she just hasn't wanted to much lately. :) I say we go out for drinks AND chocolate!


I'm the nanny of two 3 year old boys and some days I think to myself "Is he going to grow horns soon?" All I can suggest is something you are probably already doing. I've been with the twins since they were 6 months old and from as soon as they could comprehend I have sat them in time out. Now that I know they are trying to get extra attention by being naughty I send them up to their room until they have calmed down and then make sure I give them some one on one attention reading a book, doing a puzzle something along those lines. I'm very lucky in the fact that S already realizes when he is having a tantrum he needs to go sit down, I don't even tell him anymore. And R realizes it is NO fun sitting in time out so he generally stops immediately. Hope this is just a short phase for her and for your sanity.


Dawn, we absolutely do that. She just has such a strong, stubborn temperament that she can stay up in her room screaming for an hour straight before calming herself down. She is just so strong willed. When she is hungry and we know food will help her attitude, she refuses to eat. No matter what we ask or what we suggest, she does the opposite. She loves to test us, and sadly, I think we are failing miserably! ;)

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