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Saturday, August 04, 2012



I've been contemplating a slip n slide for my girls. I have no expectations they will last the summer. I only need a few hours and maybe if I'm lucky days.


I agree! I bought one and it lasted 3 different times and I was totally happy with that! Loved them as a kid and love watching my kids on one.

Natalie @mamatrack

I think you're totally onto something. It looks like a great use of $30. Thanks for the tip.

Love the pictures. And thanks for linking up with us!


I ADORED my slip & slide when I was young. Our backyard is not built for one, but one day when we move I can't wait to have one for the kids!


Jessica, Natalie, and Angela - you guys definitely to invest in a slip n' slide!! As long as you go in with the right expectations, you'll love it!

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