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Thursday, August 30, 2012



Not as bad, but my kid apparently fell asleep in class the first 3 days of school.


Methinks you need a night out! Hang on, Monday is coming!!


Armin - that's so sweet!! Let me guess... kindergarten? So many kids totally zonk out on the bus those first couple weeks of kindy. I guess Jack couldn't even make it that long. :) He'll adjust. Kindy is a rough adjustment.

Robin - YES!!!! (That reminds me... I need to make reservations - calling now.)


Now now Ann... I know you really wanted that ice cream before the little darling went and spit in it, but that's no reason to go punching doors! Hang in there, based on past experience you know you will all survive. Here's a pomtini for you, I expect you to return the favor when Chris' travel season kicks back up in a couple of weeks...


Oh Mer... a pomtini would be perfect right about now! Come on over and bring the pom juice! You are such a pro at the single parent thing with Chris' insane schedule! On our pomtini date, you'll have to give me tips!

Maureen McDaniel

Hey girlie! So good to hear from you too!! I have had such new stuff happening, I have misplaced your email addy. I need it, miss chatting with you. Promise to be "around" more. :) Ping me when you get a chance. THANKS!

My Inner Chick

Fantastic! Looooove.

Joan E Janak

One of my refrigerator magnets "Love is a form of work or a form of courage." by M.Scott Peck

I think the "or" should be replaced with "and." Mom

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