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Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Well, at least the kid "tried" to be nice. Most teens don't care.
And I just learned how to text last year. Johnny taught me!


Oh now I am so curious on what it was you were doing to appear as a texting dinosaur!!??


Jodi, I know you are a speedy texter, so you probably would blow his mind! I have a qwerty keyboard, so I was holding the phone sideways typing quickly with two thumbs. I think that was what impressed him... that I actually knew how to be a speedy typer with the phone, and I wasn't a one finger sort of texter. The whole thing just cracked me up. I didn't realize I was such an anomaly "in my generation" :)

Holly S.

It's so funny how we FEEL like we are still in our twenties.....and then are reminded of our true age. : ) That's how I text, too - with my qwerty!


super cute post!!!!

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