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Thursday, July 26, 2012



Congratulations on not totally sucking!
I thought for sure this post was going to be how you just made these beautifully designed lunches. Thanks for not making me feel bad.


Forwarding this link to a friend--I'm trying to push her over the top to where she'll try to do this. :)

Sara (Armin's Favorite Friend)

I actually bought a cookbook specifically to learn how to bento-lunch for my daughter when she started kindergarten last year. I think it's under the used-to-be-clean laundry pile. I do put all these same types of foods in her lunch (she won't eat sandwiches, allergic to peanuts, loves veggies), but I decorate with zip-lock snack bags. She's asked me twice this month to send Lunchables instead. NO RESPECT.


Mark, you clearly haven't been reading my blog long enough if you had any fear that I had made those!! :) No worries... I can't imagine you'll see anything here that will make you feel bad. (Unless I decide to crack on people with tacky above ground swimming pools!) ;)


Armin - you are evil. Sara - glad to hear that your bento lunch cookbook is where it belongs! As for lunchables... I cave to them occassionally - the horror! :) They rock when my husband is out of town though. We might never make it to school on time otherwise.


I can't believe the classmate's lunch! Did the child pack it themselves? The bento lunches are cute, but there's no way I'm ever going to do that! They are good for ideas of *what* to put in the lunchbox, though. :)


I'm guessing the girl had to have packed that herself, and she likely did it when nobody was around to see what she was doing. Actually, you know her dad! :) I've often seen similar lunches though in the cafeteria, so that isn't totally outside the realm of normal, sadly. I remember one day sitting across from a little girl with a choc. chip granola bar, a chocolate bar, chips, and a pop tart.

hena tayeb

Those are so insanely adorable though I also secretly hate the mom who has the time to do that.


I am SPEECHLESS at that kid's lunch! Donuts as the main course!? WTF!? You rock- and PS my lunches look the same- PB&J ROCKS!!!!

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