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Monday, July 02, 2012


Cindy H.

I love the comment about how you got the massage and then ended up owing Nina a dollar. We get that all the time and I can't tell you how many times I fall for it. It's that consistency thing: one day it's free and then the next, it's a dollar. What gives?

But OMG, the Wall of Pain??? Badge of Honor??? I guess. I always show off my bruises from volleyball or wallyball. I imagine most people, just walking around, where I can't brag, must think I have an abusive husband.


Cindy, I was trying to think of an analogy to another sport and couldn't come up with one... bruises from volleyball are exactly it though... or maybe scrapes from mountain biking. It is just sort of that pride of "I'm doing something hard, it is kicking my butt, but I'm working through the pain and excelling!"


Divergent was really good. Insurgent (the next one) is also good - altho better to read them back to back IMO. Have you read The Language of Flowers? It's my fav this year so far! Right now I am reading The Passage - it's wild. I am getting close to the end and waiting to see how it all comes back together - if it doesn't it will seriously piss me off!


Jodi, I'm halfway through Divergent and was already trying to decide if I was going to read Insurgent right after it or move on to something else. I guess now I have my answer - back to back it is! I haven't even heard of Language of Flowers... I'll have to go look it up.


I liked Divergent but not as much as Hungar Games. I have Insurgent to read but I was waiting for my trip to start it. Maybe I will reread Divergent then go to Insurgent.....


Robin, I'm nearly done with Divergent now, and I definitely don't like it as much as Hunger Games. It is a fun, easy, entertaining summer read, but definitely not as good as HG. I think it could make a great movie though!

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