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Sunday, July 01, 2012



So it doesn't "Pop", so what! That is a lot of work there and you did a fantastic job. I'm sure she does love it!


Thanks, Mark!

Cindy H.

I love the quote and I love the blue-green you added. I'm with you with the repainting. We've repainted Cerina/Mia's, now only Mia's room several times. Cerina wants to repaint hers, again and this time, she's ready to do it herself. I, of course, will help her. But her twilight years are over so the black walls are going away...

Mia would LOVE to have those bunk beds. She HAD bunkbeds but had to have different bunkbeds, which we refused to buy because she HAD bunkbeds.


Ack... I don't envy you having to paint over black walls! My next challenge after Nina's room is the girls' bathroom with its bright blue walls. I'm not looking forward to how many coats it will take to cover that!

Holly S.

I love seeing her name canvas still making an appearance - how sweet! : )


Of course, Holly! I love it!

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