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Monday, July 09, 2012



Wait, I'm lost. Why are the girls going to their first day of school at the beginning of July? Shouldn't they be on Summer break? Seriously, I am really lost here.
Beyond that, they look very cute!


Hope they had a great first day!
I cannot believe how big they are getting. Good thing we are not aging at all!


Mark... I gave you a longer explanation on your blog, but the short answer is that the girls are in year-round school.

Robin - definitely a good thing we aren't aging!! I surely don't look a day older than the day Elise was born. ;)


Ann, I love this concept. It's like that do in France and Fred loved it as a teacher too!
Also, I would respond to you via my blog but you never leave your email address while leaving a comment.
Thanks for explaining all that!

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