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Sunday, March 04, 2012



Hang in there - its almost over!!


Poor Ann!
Where are the girls selling cookies? If it is close to my dad and step-mom, I will see if I can get her to go by a box or two.
Hope you are almost done- what year of cookie mom is this for you? Haven't you paid your dues yet?


Thanks Meredith!

Robin, we haven't really been anywhere near your dad, and today was our LAST booth! This is year four, and yes... I have paid my dues.


What have you got left? I'll take 10 boxes off your hands - just give me whatever you're having trouble getting rid of. I can donate them to my bridge club.

You have paid your dues - i think you deserve a break!


*HUGS* Wish I could do more.


Emailed you, Audrey!!
Thanks, Dawn! The end is near.


You probably saw this years ago..but as a cookie mom it makes me laugh every time. xoxo

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