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Thursday, February 23, 2012



Was a Girl Scout for 10 years. While the camp staff I worked on was 2/3 lesbian (not kidding), there was no indoctrination. In fact, we actually taught conflict resolution skills to the girls. Oh wait... that was part of the Communist indoctrination. I guess I should look for the hammer and sickle hidden in the logo of our camp shirts.

We bought cookies last year for the PICU staff. Right now, I'm waiting impatiently for delivery on my 15 boxes (although 3-4 of them were donated to troops serving overseas).


I bet the PICU staff loved you!! I hope your cookies arrive soon! We're almost done delivering... just a couple more houses to go!


they did. :) i've run into all the residents (except for the emergency medicine one) again in the last year (one is daniel's pediatrician) and she is an incredibly special person to us.

Joan J.

Ann, given our families long history with the Girl Scouts, how did I miss knowing it was such a subversive group. Your grandmother, my mother was a Girl Scout leader for several years in the 1930's. I was a scout through high school, and a Girl Scout leader for several years as well. My sister Barbara worked as a counsellor at a Girl Scout camp in West Virginia and later for the Charleston, WV Girl Scout organization. What a shock to discover our whole family could survive such indoctrination.


In Canada they don't have "scouts" - it's Brownies and Girl Guides. Mostly the same - right down to the selling cookies. I will say though when I was in Brownies (which I believe I got kicked out of) we danced around a fake mushroom in the middle of a circle while singing about some bad ass fairies and pixies - perhaps some training for later drug use - but never a word about communism or lesbianism.


Mom - I know! How did we miss the signs all these years?

Jodi - Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are both part of the same worldwide organization - WAGGGS - World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. So, clearly your mushroom dance was some sort of cult ritual as part of the radicalized agenda of Girl Guides. Perhaps they weren't able to brainwash you well enough, so that's why you got kicked out.


Are you kidding me? Is this truth?


Paige, I'm not sure if you're asking about my post or about Rep. Bob Morris' statements. My post was written in fun, just joking. Rep. Morris' statements were absolutely what he said and what he believes. You can click on the link within the post to read his letter to congress. Or this link goes to a CNN new article about it.

Barbara Eldridge

Gosh! Ann, if I'd known we were supposed to be lesbians we Girl Scout Camp Counselors wouldn't have been dating the counselors at the boys camp next to ours on the Greenbrier River in good old WEST-BY-GOD VIRGINIA. We missed our golden opportunity when we could have been dating the gals from the private girls camp nearby. I would have been spared getting married, having four children & being a Girl Scout leader & a Cub Scout Den mother!


yeah, and just think I get to live in his state. Lord what an idiot. It just amazes me to hear the kinds of things people come up with.
My mom was a girl scout leader, I was in scouts thru senior scouts. I had no idea. sigh

SJ McCoy

Well, given that Girl Scouts have been around for generations, they're painfully slow and inefficient in their conversions. ha Funny post by you. Thanks for the laugh.

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