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Sunday, January 29, 2012



Ha! Yeah, she makes those things look so easy, but they are a giant pain. It looks like the mold works well, though! I'll bet they are much tastier than the cake crumbs/icing method.

Ali C

LOL! She is too funny! Those things are so adorable but I can't bring myself to even try to make them. Bet they were yummy though!


We made them using brownie batter, and they were definitely tasty... just not particularly pretty. JC made a glaze, and the ones that he glazed turned out the best. They tasted just like chocolate donut holes! I definitely have a new found respect for Bakerella though!


I do not have the patience to even attempt cake pops - maker or no maker!


Smart move. I'm sure we'll use the maker again, but I'm not convinced we will try turning them into actual cake pops again. They were best and easiest just dunked in the glaze.


I did all those cake pops last year, but I think that I may never attempt them again. They are so tedious! And it's impossible to get them to look as nice as Bakerella's.

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