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Tuesday, January 03, 2012



looks like a good Christmas at the House of Estrogen!
Tell JC he has a very nice foot ;)


I always love your Xmas morning videos. So delightful to see the fruits of Santa's labor. I had those 'little people' toys, too. Wooden with holes in the bottom? Those toys along with the Play-doh reminded me of my own Xmas mornings, oh so many years ago. Glad your parents are here. And yes, JC has a nice foot. ha


Suetta, I hope you're feeling better! I wish you had been able to come over and enjoy the Paula Dean ham with us! :) Yep... you are remembering the Little People correctly. They stared out wooden and at some point switched over to plastic bodies. I think the ones I got for Addie have the plastic bodies, but if they had been made a couple years earlier, they would have been wood.

I'm cracking up at everyone commenting on JC's big ol' boat foot. He was watching the video this morning and said, "Well, there's my foot!" I said, "Oh, did you read Robin's comment about your foot?" He said, "No! Somebody commented on my foot?" So he hadn't even seen that yet, and he was noting his own foot. Anyway... funny stuff. :)

Holly Smith

Enjoyed it, Ann! : ) I didn't notice the boat. ; )


I just re-watched the video without the sound. It's pretty funny to watch expressions and nodding of heads in response to questions without hearing anything...just like the old days when we had Xmas morning movies, pre-sound. We'd have to act out how much we liked something with thumbs-ups, pointing, nodding. Lots of waving. lol Mother had a Super-8 camera with a handheld light bar. After many years, the lightbar gave out so our Xmas movies were darker, even though she'd open the front door and all the curtains to get as much light in as possible. We've come a long way. :-)

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