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Monday, December 19, 2011



asthma sucks! i'm asthmatic and daniel has a reactive airway (precursor to asthma). gotta love those preemie lungs (for both of us)!


It really does! We had Elise's under control for so long, but in the last few months, it has been a nightmare. Sorry you and Daniel are both burdened with it too... no fun.


Poor Elise, I hope she is better now!
If you liked the cookie butter, try the real stuff from Biscoff- SO much better.
We tried the TJ's one and were very disappointed! My favorite is the Biscoff crunchy but that one you have to order directly from the company. Worth it though if you get waffles :)


I've actually never tried the cookie butter. I just had a friend tell me that I should. I may have to try your Biscoff rec! Elise is a tiny bit better but still pretty rotten. I was hoping she would feel better by Christmas. :(


Still rotten :( Not good. Maybe Santa will bring her better lung function tomorrow.

Do yourself a favor and try the Biscoff (or not...it can be addictive. It is especially good when spread on french bread over Nutella!)

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