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Tuesday, December 20, 2011




We've resorted to calling Grace "high maintenance." :(

Addison is a cutie, though. Just like her older sisters.


Ahh yes, those girls can definitely be "high maintenance". Fortunately, you have a little boy to even things out! :) So, do you recognize where the banner picture was taken?

Barbara Eldridge

As soon as you two have three children you are outnumbered!


Barbie... True. Perhaps she doesn't get enough attention as a third and has resorted to torturing us to get attention. Although wasn't your little hell-raiser your second child? That theory wouldn't work with him! :)


Oh my. She CAN'T be 4 already!!! I remember when she could hardly sit up let alone torture you heh.

Oh and right now I'm the nanny to twin two year olds I know ALL about tantrums!!!


Love the photos, especially the last one. Beautiful eyes and face.


I truly think it has something to do with being the 3rd child. You could be describing Mitchell to a T, except for the gender of course. Just to tell you, Mitchell continues to push the boundaries and provide that really-something-special kind of thing... Like you said, our family is complete with him, like yours is complete with Addie!

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