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Sunday, December 11, 2011



Was the Panera event crazy crowded? I got the email announcing it and thought about going to the one near our house - but we never got motivated enough to get in the car and go!

Love the wardrobe changes!


Nope, not crowded at all. It was really nice. When Elise, Nina, and I got there, they were using store-bought tubs of frosting. I guess they ran out of that because when Addie got there a little later with JC, they were using the nicer Panera lemon glaze type frosting. YUMMO!

Cindy H.

I love this post. Mainly for the headlines of accidental crushing of kids by mom. It is a chore with the decorating but, like you, my kids love doing it so I leave it all up to them.

The sad thing for us right now is all of our christmas presents are not under the tree. Apparently our dogs and cat have a big ole time chewing them up...

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