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Monday, September 05, 2011



Love the Betty Crocker brownies. We have some we're planning to make tomorrow.

I remember reading in one of those Freakonomic "types" of books - when they first introduced cake mixes and brownie mixes, they had everything and were essentially "just add water". The housewives of the 50s didn't like them, b/c they didn't feel proud presenting their husbands with something where they had done so little work. But when they changed the formula to add an egg and maybe vegetable oil, the mixes sold like crazy. Apparently cracking an egg was enough "work" for women to feel that they had done something. I've always found that so funny. So remember - you're still doing "work" when you crack an egg!!!


Audrey - what a funny bit of trivia!! I would have to agree though... cracking an egg does make it feel a bit homemade! :)


A charming pizza! Have a happy weekend.

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