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Sunday, July 10, 2011



Why orange? Is it a school color? I can keep my eyes out for this in my section of town. What kind of folder? inside pockets?


Hey Suetta, I eventually found them, so we are OK for this year. As for why orange, the teachers specify things like, "red is your homework folder", "blue is your centers folder", "green is your science folder", etc. I'm all for organization like that, but they just need to stop assigning orange as one of the colors! They are too hard to find. This year we ended up with sort of a peach color that we're going to claim is orange! :)


I know! I have taken it off of mine FYI. Unfortunetly I will not have the chance to teach Nina or Addie. :(. I hope the girls had a fantastic first week. We start on August 1 and I'm still working on gathering the girls supplies. We've had a fabulous time at the beach this week though. Hope to see you all soon!


Good for you!! :) They did have a great first week. I'm jealous of your beach trip! Hope you guys have a good first week too!

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