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Saturday, June 25, 2011



I don't like Dunkin Donuts either. And I really, really want you to come to San Antonio. $160? I am offended you haven't already reserved your tickets.


There really are no good donuts in this area :( Might start making my own since I am bored being laid off. Already made homemade bodywash and tomorrow I'm baking bread heh!


I got a summons last month, but I was able to get a deferrment since I'm a nursing Mom. I did do it in NC when I was pregnant with Isabelle. It was really interesting and a good experience. It's pretty simple in NC since the court system is so active. You're pretty much just "on call" for a day or so to potentially get to the next stage and be on the jury. In KS (in our county anyway) you're "on call" for 3 months and could have to show up any time in that period. Not very convenient.


I'm with ya on Dunkin Donuts.

I'd also like to be 'with ya' at the Hyatt! I love that place too and it's been too many years since I was last there.

Sorry about JC's injuries. Hope he heals quickly.


Claire - flights have gone up to $250 now. Rgh. I'm still thinking about it though.

Dawn - maybe you could go into business making good donuts! I'd come buy them from you!

Shirley - being on call for 3 months sounds awful! I can't imagine.

Suetta - If you want to split a room with Addie and me, let me know. Still not sure if we're going to go, but we're thinking about it.

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