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Monday, May 30, 2011


Jo Shields

Ouch on the staples in the foot thing - makes me squirm to read it. Sounds like you've got lots of lovely summery activities going on, so I hope you enjoy them.


Wow...What a distinguished grandfather you had! Great photos.

And I can't imagine the pain you experienced w/ the staples! Yikes. What a shock that must have been, too. It always seems that hands and feet (and head) have more nerve endings and also bleed profusely.

I hope your dad's doctor appt goes well.

Barbara Eldridge

Mother had heard that a lot of VIP ladies had not hit the champagne bottle hard enough when they launched a ship & the bottle didn't break which was considered bad luck. Mother really wound up like Babe Ruth & gave it a terrific wallop. As the champagne was flying one of my father's classmates said: "Dot, you're supposed to launch the ship, not sink it!"


HA! Good for her, though!


That's funny, Barbie! I hadn't heard that story before. She definitely made a big splash! Did you know that I have the bottle and the box it came in? Connie gave it to me. I keep trying to figure out if there is some way I could display it.

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