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Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Oh you had me laughing so hard Ann. I especially like the "bike shorts" advice. I have added it to my list to talk to my children about as well. Loved it.

Sue McCoy

Well, as one who has seen about 200 girls in their prom dresses this year, a talk about appropriate prom attire is also required. Last Saturday, a girl from Panther Creek HS in Cary had a white strapless 'dress' on. Or maybe it was a bath towel wrapped around her. It was skin tight and literally an inch below her tush and the cleavage popping out on top. I have no idea how she sat down. She'd pull it up over her top when she stood up, but then it crept up from the bottom, so she'd tug on the hem to get it down some. I can't imagine any parent letting her out of the house with that on and then pairing the 5-6" stilletto (sp) heels with it.

Sue McCoy

oh, and then there's the foul language used by the prom kids last Saturday. Almost every employee where the prom kids dined were called a**h**** along with snide comments made to the valet, the hostesses, the waitresses, etc. Then there was the ninja kick to open the doors at the entrance.Then there was the yelling and jumping around in the lobby. No respect. No maturity.


Suetta, that is HORRIBLE about the cursing and awful behavior at dinner. You guys have the best servers in town. I can't believe those kids were so disrespectful and rude. That really makes me sad. I hope that I can manage to raise my kids with enough decency and sense to know how to behave in that situation. I'm guessing tips were probably minimal too, so the poor servers suffered in more ways than one that night. As for the dress... ACK! Sounds more like a prostitute's dress than a prom dress.

Sue McCoy

Ann, thanks for the kind comments. When I showed the 32 kids to side-by-side 4 tables of 8, one girl looked at me and said in a bratty and whiney tone, 'WHAT?! We have to sit at separate tables?!' I said, 'Yes, I'm sorry there isn't room for one long table for 32.' She replied, 'B****', and then walked away and all her friends giggled. As they left, the store clerk said, 'Enjoy the rest of your evening.' One guy said, 'Yeah, I'll have a better time than you, a******'.


That truly blows my mind and really makes me sad. I'm going to hope that group is not representative of most teens out there in the world. Why on earth would they feel the need to be so utterly rude? OK... so my list of things to teach my children is growing - funeral attire, prom attire, and prom behavior. I do work on manners and respect in general, but I'm guessing a lot of those kids are not that rude when they aren't in a big group like that.

Barbara Eldridge

A few years ago a lovely friend who was helping put her three through college worked part time at a restaurant after her full time job at a hospital. One night she was called in to help with a prom dinner & one of the prom girls announced loudly that no one should tip as she had not liked her dinner. After being on her feet all day & all evening my friend nearly cried. Tips were the only thing that made the job pay!


Barbie, that is just awful. I am going to have to hold "prom boot camp" to make sure my girls understand behavior expectations before prom. These stories make me so sad. :(

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