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Thursday, May 05, 2011




The resemblance is striking. Amazing how we forget what we looked like at that age.

Then again, neither of my kids look like me.


Too funny!

Holly S.

Photoshop some hardwoods in there and you could absolutely pass that off as Addie!


Yeah, the lovely 70's shag carpet sort of gives away the time period, doesn't it? JC showed it to the girls this morning, and all three of them were absolutely convinced it was Addie. We still have that elephant pillow too! JC finally reminded them that the pillow had originally belonged to me, and they said, "That's MOM?????" I'm not even sure they believed him!


Oh my goodness. I thought that was a photo of ADDY!!

Sue McCoy

Precious!!! I love the shag carpet. I actually just bought an area shag rug for the bedroom Friday. :-) Everything old is new again.

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