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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Who is this child - no way can she be this old.

Sue McCoy

I love hearing her talk and her 'bye-bye' was adorable.

Looks like she has sparkly shoes, too.

I think Evel Knievel started 'jumping' this way. ;-)


Tracy - I KNOW! Where did my baby go?

Suetta - yes, sparkly shoes. They are pink which you would know if I COULD GET ALL THE &$#*$ COLORS TO SHOW UP ON VIDEO!!! GAH!


too cute!


She is just adorable. What happened to the little muffin that had a hard time sitting up!


Dawn - I had almost forgotten about that! I think she was so freakin' tall that she couldn't balance all that weight as a baby! :) Looks like she's doing a bit better with that now! :) I do miss that "little muffin" though!


I think she just had such a big brain in that head that it was hard to keep it from tipping her over! But it was so cute!!

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