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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sue McCoy

Oh what extraordinary memories! Love the historic home and the print and photos of it and of Addie. Both are precious.

Was the home in the family for multiple generations?

Your post reminds me of my own "Granny" and time spent at her home in WV. She was an excellent cook and her homemade light bread and biscuits can't be duplicated. I can still smell the bread baking.


Thanks Suetta! Honestly, I'm not sure how long it has been in the family. That is a good question. Maybe my mom and aunt will leave a comment with the answer. I know that my mom lived there as a child with her mom and her grandparents (so my great-grandparents), so the house has been in the family at least that long. I don't know when they acquired it though. One of my aunts still lives there now.

Barbara Eldridge

Ann: The family moved to Twelve Oaks when the house at Willow Lake burned when your great grandfather was a young man so it must have been in the 1880's. It had belonged to a cousin, William Bondurant.
Mother loved birds and you made her a kitchen towel with original crayon drawings of birds set with an iron. There were a Robin & Blue Jay but best of all we loved the "Carnal Bird"!


Precious. I love this post. Great descriptions of the old house. It reminds me of being in my grandmother's house with its floors that were not exactly flat anymore.


Barbie - thanks for the info about the history of the house. I remember that kitchen towel!

Audrey - thank you!

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