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Tuesday, March 22, 2011



I love love love this! When Princess #4 was born I wanted to buy hubs a bag for him to carry diapers and wipes in when he had her, he chose pink. PINK. He said he was just embracing it. Isn't that what makes a great daddy to girls? Love it. You've got a good one!


T, that's awesome about the pink bag! Ha! I'm not sure JC could go that far, but he has no qualms pushing the pink stroller! :)


jc is an awesome dad.

Robin Blumenthal

That is one fabulous piece of artwork. JC is a very good daddy!


This is one of my favorite posts ever! I just love the box and that it was JC's idea to let the girls paint it and his attitude about the results. This is just awesome. It turned out great, too!


I love that so,so much!


So sweet! It's making me cry.

Sue McCoy

LOVE this too!!! WoW.

The girls did a fabulous job in depicting him jumping the mtns on his bike (is he wearing a cape?! ha) and how happy looking the box is! I'm very impressed.

JC is a fabulous dad. You certainly DO have a good one w/ him!

Makes me very happy to read this and see the photos and results. I'm blown away.


JC actually painted the little dude jumping. :) It is hard to tell in the picture but it is like he has the bike turned a little, and has one leg kicked out behind him. I think JC copied it off of a t-shirt or something. The girls painted everything else though.

Barbara Eldridge

That is the best bike box I have ever seen!


Brandon read your post first and told me about it. Brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Takes a great man to bring up all girls! :)


Shirley - I just realized that 3 of you who commented on this post have at least three girls... you guys are definitely the experts on what our hubbies go through being all-girl-daddies!! :)

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