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Thursday, March 31, 2011




Shake the jelly down, THEN open the lid.


Tell J.C. that - he was the one who sprayed jelly everywhere!

Sue McCoy

I feel guilty laughing at your chaotic morning, but not TOO guilty. ;-) Thanks for posting a humorous detailed account.

Barbara Eldridge

We didn't have jelly - just dirty footprints - when John held his little brother upside down to walk across the ceiling through the foyer and up the stairs!


Oh my gosh, Barbie - that is hilarious!!!


people ask frequently when i'm going to "have another one". it's mornings like yours that make me think long and hard about that question.

(all we have here are lovenox shots, teething diapers, and apple juice sticking to the floor.)


Jen, don't let me scare you off of having more! Each additional child just adds a new level of chaos. It is all good though! :) Definitely take your own sweet time though. You are a super-star mommy with all you've been through with Daniel.


Hey, hands off Matt Lauer. He is all mine!

Cindy H.

Hilarious. And yes, my mornings are like that. Because I don't get out of bed early (and end up playing WWF in bed), Tim has the luxury of having a few silent moments before the platoon gets up.

As for the jelly situation, I like grape but I like apple more. Do you know how hard it is to find apple jelly? But pb&j? Ewwww.


Cindy... you are usually playing WWF with me, so you know that is one of the things keeping me in bed too!


Oh...sounds like a rough morning, but your writing style brought me a little chuckle about it. That is most likely because all moms have had days like this. I have so been there, but it was pizza sauce on the ceiling. ;)


mostly a lot of yelling to get ready here in the morning and sadly it is usually 7 days a week.

Here we are a Biscoff spread family but if it is jelly we like bitter orange or strawberry

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