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Tuesday, February 08, 2011



I guess 7 is the age when most girls decide that they want to grow your bangs. I know I did (although I didn't win that battle until a couple years later), and my youngest sister started at about that time as well.
You sounded so much like my mom with "I'm tired of seeing hair in her face" that I couldn't help but smile.
Maybe you can convince her to write me a letter for my birthday. I emailed her one of yours and asked, but it's been 4 months... :)
I want to have her records of my teenage years for when I have my own daughter(s).


Happy belated Birthday to your girl! She looks so happy!


I love these letters! Just wanted to say, i've played through Super Mario Galaxy 2 and there are actually quite a few puzzles that i think are pretty good for developing problem-solving skills. Just my two cents. (-:


Olivia... keep bugging your mom! I bet you can get her to do it.

Audrey, thanks! Love that you found some redeeming features to Mario!! :) I'll keep that in mind... "The video games are rotting her brain... she's learning valuable problem-solving skills!" :)

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