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Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Well, I for one, have enjoyed your Disney posts and photos. I feel like I've been on a mini vacation now.

I love Addie's very clever Mickey-cupcake B'day shirt. I noticed the other shirts w/ the mickey ears and small animal print from the other day. Nice!

No, you don't look like a fly in your sunglasses, but you do look a tad like the powder puff girls. ha

When looking at the characters in costumes w/ heads, I wonder if inside that head, the human smiles for photos or takes on Eyeore's expression. I think it would be hard to stand for a photo and not smile, even tho you don't have to as the costume's face is already smiling. Just something that makes you go 'hmmm'.

Glad you had a good trip anda that you came home with all three girls. It's good that Addie didn't go wandering far in the hallway! Good Girl and Happy 3rd to her.

Holly S.

And why would she be wearing a birthday shirt if she was 3 1/2?!?!
I didn't know they had Pixie Hollow and the FAIRIES! Ella Kate is all about the fairies these days!! The first one is Rosetta and the next is Vidia. ; )
Loved all of the picture posts!


Holly - the fairies are new just in the last year or so! They are in the Toontown Hall of Fame in the same building with the princesses. You want to get to Toon Town 10-15 minutes before it opens so that as soon as they drop the rope, you can get in line for the fairies. They are quite popular since they are new. There was almost nobody in the princess line. Everybody was in the fairy line. There are always 3 there, but I don't think it is always the same three. I'm guessing Tink is always there though. Ella Kate will be in heaven! When you enter one area, they say they are sprinkling you with pixie dust so that you will shrink to fairy size. :)


SMcCoy - so glad I could give you a mini vacation! I know you could use one! That's funny about thinking about the people under the heads. I think it would be hard to switch between Eeyore and other characters since he has to sort of mope around and the others are all animated and jolly. You probably have to keep reminding yourself to be Eeyore-ish.

Powder Puff Girls, eh? I'll have to go take a look at them.

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