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Tuesday, December 21, 2010



I read about the long wait at Boma and how tired Addie was and then I had scroll to see how Addie looked for most of the meal and literally laughed. At first, I thought she was face plowed onto the table and then I realized it was the bench seat. So funny and cute.

Robin Blumenthal

totally agree on the Dole whip- I have no idea why that is so popular?????
Loving the trip report! I really really want to take a week long trip to DW.


SMcCoy - yeah, she looked cute. She ate a little bit but then conked out on the booth seat.

Robin - You guys really should go! You would have a ball! Tell Luc there is a fantastic Lego store at Downtown Disney!! :) That will convince him to go, right? :)

Jaime (momtocarina)

Oh, I ADORE the Dole Whip... but I have only ever purchased the floats. And they are AMAZING. Seriously. I was a doubter but have been converted.

Love your reports- makes me want to go back today!


OK Jaime... maybe I'll give the Dole Whip Float a try next time. The Dole Whip alone was just pineapple flavored soft serve to me though. I couldn't understand the fuss! Maybe the floats are that much better?

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